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Can There Be Problems From Having Dental Implants?


Jul 2, 2020

Even though this type of treatment, such as all on 4 implants Tijuana or other types of implants, can bring many benefits, the truth is that many times problems can occur that are more focused on a wrong procedure, inadequate patient care, or other factors such as infections.

The placement of an implant occurs mainly when there is a fracture or when the tooth presents problems that no longer have a solution. This procedure replaces the tooth with an artificial tooth that is adjusted using a screw placed in the jawbone to provide stability. This tooth is identical to the teeth, especially in terms of strength and appearance, which is why it is a very recurrent treatment among specialists.

Although almost all cases are successful, the truth is that many people have had problems after the placement of this procedure. These difficulties are more associated when the patient is in the healing phase, causing that there can be a postoperative infection, that the implant falls because there is not enough bone to place the screw or because of a wrong surgical technique.

On the other hand, problems may also occur after the healing stage, where periimplantitis may arise, which basically means that there is inflammation around the implant. This condition is associated with poor hygiene, or because the body did not accept the implant, so it is always recommended to go to the dentist in case of problems and as a method of prevention.

Taking the above line of constant consultations with the dentist, you mustn’t neglect to go to the specialist because, in each of the appointments, he will review the implant process and determine if there are problems with the procedure. If this is not done and you need to go to the clinic, the recovery process, if there is a problem, is usually much more expensive and painful.

Implants usually present problems for people who do not carry out adequate cleaning, mainly because bacterial plaque remains deposited between the gum and the implant, thus altering this union between the bone and the implants. This can cause severe inflammation in the area and a rapid spread of infection. Therefore, there must be rigorous hygiene, accompanied by a special toothbrush to clean the implants, dental floss, and mouthwash.

Taking care of these pieces is indispensable, so it is necessary to know what can be done and those that should be avoided. Among the things to avoid is using the implants to open or eat foods that are very hard because, although the teeth are artificial, they can also be damaged. Smoking is another thing you should not do. It can shorten the lifespan of the implants; it can also damage natural teeth’ stability.

Many of us believe that the price of the procedure will tell us how effective and safe it is to obtain positive results. Still, the truth is that certain elements may be determinant to know if they can present problems. The first is the dentist’s diagnosis, followed by the team that the clinic has, the implant catalog, and the experience of the person performing the procedure.

Well, implants can indeed cause problems in the person’s health, but this will depend a lot on the procedure that the specialist will perform and the care that the patient carries out.