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How to Find the Best Solar Companies in Los Angeles that Offer the Best Value


Oct 21, 2019

Los Angeles, CA is an ideal place for homeowners to shift to solar power. The city gets tons of sun all year long with little cloud coverage and rainfall, the sun is extremely bright, and homes can increase their resale value by adding solar panels. But the key to getting the best savings is to sift through all providers and look for the best solar companies in Los Angeles that offer top warranties, have the best equipment, and that provide free in-home inspections to help determine the best savings for their customers. This article is intended to help people make a smart choice when looking for cost-saving solar companies in Los Angeles. 

What to Expect in Warranties from Solar Companies in Los Angeles that Offer More Value

Solar panels warranties are everything. They basically help determine how reliable and valuable your system is. But all too often people think they have a great warranty, but in fact they don’t. Many homeowners are under the assumption that if you have a 10-year solar panel warranty that covers the equipment and any needed repairs, you have a great deal. But the average homeowner spends an average of 20 years in their home, which makes the warranty void half way through the average use of a solar system. 

The best solar panel warranties will cover the panels, and much more, for at least 25 years. Not only does this period cover the average time a homeowner spends in their solar home, but it even stretches beyond that time frame which allows the remainder of the warranty to roll over to the next homeowner–something that adds value to a home’s resale price. 

The solar panel warranty should cover the following:

  • Solar panel equipment
  • Inverter
  • Workmanship
  • Roof
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Racking


Look for solar companies in Los Angeles that offer warranties covering all of these points, as each one is critical. For example, if shoddy work is done during the installation process causing damage to your roof, it can go unnoticed until the next rare rain comes, or even some time after. When rain water enters a structure it causes rot, mold, and weakens the structure. As a result, tens of thousands of dollars in damage can rack up and destroy one’s financial stability. This is why working with solar companies in Los Angeles that cover ALL of the above points in solar panels warranties is critical to getting the most value. 

Look for Solar Companies in Los Angeles that Give You a Free Evaluation

Homeowners have every right to know how long it will take for their solar system to pay itself off. They also have the right to know how much money they will save on utility bills. Therefore, look for solar companies in Los Angeles that come to your home, walk your property, study your utility bills over the past few years, and determine what kind of panel setup you need. Once they determine all of this, they can give a pretty accurate estimate on how long it will take to cover the solar panel cost in savings, and how much money homeowners can expect to save on a monthly, and yearly basis. This should be offered for free, and under no circumstance should you buy solar panels unless solar companies in Los Angeles perform this service.