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How to get car insurance in Mexico?


Nov 11, 2020

As you already know for sure, in Mexico it is necessary to have current and valid car insurance as required by the national and transit authorities. This was implemented as a way to ensure the welfare of citizens and reduce lawsuits for accidents that can occur.

Mexico auto insurance is required to cover certain types of events and mishaps so that these are resolved as soon possible. If you have auto insurance in Mexico, you may have access to some coverages such as roadside assistance, partial or total coverage of accident damage, and even temporary replacement of your vehicle.

Many of these coverages are optional, and depend on your needs or how much you want to be safe when you travel in your vehicle. However, there is a mandatory coverage called Civil Liability, which is the most basic and economical in this market.

This Civil Liability coverage seeks to cover expenses up to a certain amount of money for traffic accidents and damages to third parties or to your assets. If you do not purchase an insurance policy for your car, by traveling in it you would be in breach of the law and could have legal problems and even money fines.

What car insurance in Mexico is good?

As insurance is a service considered almost indispensable, it is possible to find a fairly wide range with variable costs and offers. Within Mexico, it is possible to purchase insurance with companies such as BBVA Bancomer, GNP Seguros, Seguros Mapfre, among others.

Remember that not all insurance has the same values ​​and coverage, so you must know how to choose according to your needs and your budget; The important thing is that you make sure that it is an insurance that covers Civil Liability, although in general most include it.

What steps to follow to purchase auto insurance in Mexico?

The first thing you should do once you buy this insurance is to meet the requirements that most insurance companies will ask you for. These are generally:

-The current driver’s license.

-The car for private use.

-The personal data of the person requesting the insurance, such as: Name, surname, date of birth, age, email, home address and telephone number.

-The characteristics of the vehicle, such as its model, make, version, etc.

Once you have all this information, you can approach an insurance company and request yours. An advantage of acquiring car insurance is that almost all the official places where they issue them offer payment facilities, where you can pay it by installments and with quite accessible driving fees.

For this reason, you can be sure that it is more convenient for companies to acquire your car insurance, so it is possible that they will offer you other alternatives and facilities for you to obtain yours.