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Protocols That Transportation Companies Should Know About COVID-19


Jun 29, 2020

Even though many countries have lifted the gap, governments have implemented specific rules to counteract the number of infections in the region. There are many theories about how the virus spreads; some claim that an individual can get sick from fluid from the nose or mouth; others say the virus is possibly in the air.

Regardless of the final determinant, it is essential that all those who have more frequent contact with various people, make a safety protocol, especially because many are asymptomatic.

Special care for the transportation company

  • It has been recommended that people who work in this field, such as the companies that offer San Diego car service, use masks. This is to prevent the spread of COVID-19, primarily when it is unknown whether the customer may be infected.
  • It is recommended that not too many passengers are in a vehicle. A grouping of people in a small, enclosed environment should be avoided.
  • Passengers should be prevented from sitting in the front of the car, to respect the healthy distance.
  • In the case of large transport, passengers should sit separately.
  • Passengers should handle their luggage and belongings.
  • Always carry cleaning items to disinfect the area, as well as disposable bags, inside the transport.
  • Before disinfecting the area, in case the surface looks dirty, it should first be cleaned with soap and water.
  • Appropriate disinfectants or solutions with at least 70 % alcohol or with percentages of chlorine should be used.
  • Passengers must wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth.
  • In case the person wants to spread germs intentionally, it is necessary to notify with the authorities.

Tips for reopening the transport business

Communication must be adapted to the needs of the passengers. To achieve this, the channels that are most used by the buyer-person and how the type of communication is must be identified. In this way, the business and the people can be in tune. They can be provided with the necessary information regarding the protocols to be implemented, the schedules, the new policies, the offers and discounts, and the payment process.

Since the rift caused a drop in revenue, it is clear that many transport companies want to recoup their losses so that competitiveness will be more present than ever. To stand out from the crowd, the business can choose to provide packages that are attractive to passengers. This will serve to draw the public’s attention and show them that the company is empathetic to the situation at hand.

One must think about the organization that will be implemented within the restaurant, mainly because within a space, there can no longer be a conglomerate of people, as was previously the case. Now, there are limitations regarding how many passengers can be inside the transport, this thinking about the healthy distance. Because of this, a strategic organizational plan must be made.

Before reopening the company, an analysis of the market and customers is necessary to determine whether there have been changes in behavior or development. It is a question of adapting to the situation and the response of the customers.