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The importance of national and international companies for Mexico


Aug 6, 2020

Mexico is a country full of opportunities that, thanks to its proximity to one of the world’s essential powers and its dealings with other countries, is the ideal place for those who wish to do bi-national, national, and international business. Or for those who want to offer services not only to nationals but to a foreign public, such as dentists who offer cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana, among other sectors.

It is a country that is continually growing and developing, allowing new projects to emerge every day that will promote the growth of its economy, internal and external relations, and competitiveness in the market. Mexico is positioned in 54th place among the countries with the most exceptional ease of doing business. At the Latin American level, it is one of the most competitive economies, mainly because of all the treaties and facilities a neighbor of the United States brings.

Speaking of business at the national level, SMEs have more importance since they bring more economic weight to the country. The population depends more on their products and services. These companies generate the most significant number of jobs in the nation. SMEs constitute 97% of all companies in the country. For this reason, various national and international institutions have bet on the growth of these companies.

Internal trade is vital to maintain a constant money flow within the country, increasing the productivity of services and products offered through the promotion to encourage the population to consume them. Increasingly doubling the importance of SMEs and the impact they generate in the Mexican economy.

Concerning the bilateral treaties that Mexico has with other countries, one of the most relevant is the relations it has with the United States and Canada. The financial flow between these two has increased considerably. As for the links between the United States, Mexico is the third destination of its exports and one of the first suppliers of its imports.

Various companies, especially American ones, are positioned within Mexican territory, investing millions of dollars in the country because the United States is the country’s leading commercial partner. So it is widespread to see American industries established in the most important cities of Mexico.

Thanks to globalization, foreign or multinational companies generate an increasing impact since they often directly influence the countries’ decisions. The contribution that these companies create is the expansion of products and services around the world as it is a way to spread the income; it is a gain between two, the country wins, and the company wins.

Multinational companies cause economic growth, as well as an impact on the population. As well as an evolution and more growth opportunities for all.

As previously mentioned, Mexico is a destination of opportunities that offers many facilities and subsidies to domestic and foreign companies. Another significant element that Mexico has for corporations is that it is a very attractive market due to the high competitiveness in some sectors.

On the other hand, it is an excellent bet since it depends on foreign investments for its growth. Mexico is so essential worldwide that many countries have chosen to implement headquarters of the most prestigious companies within the state, intending to expand and help the economy.