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What are Military Power Supplies and How do They Strengthen Our Armed Forces?


Mar 15, 2019

When most people think of our armed forces, they tend to recall images of jets taking off from aircraft carriers, tanks firing artillery at enemy lines, and anti-aircraft missiles launching into the sky. But the truth of the matter is that companies creating custom military power supplies provide unique solutions to complex requirements necessary for ensuring US armed forces stay strong.  

What are Military Power Supplies?

Military power supplies consist of power management sources for demanding applications commonly used in the armed forces, public transportation and aerospace industries. They require demanding levels of performance and reliability. Usually, contractors and their teams active in the defense, aerospace and transportation industries source military power supplies for and manage the relationship between their respected organization and the military power supplies company. Reliability is the main demand when it comes to investing in military power supplies. As a result, contractors seek out the best military power supply companies known for engineering custom products that embark on technological innovation, have a known reputation for being reliable in extreme conditions.

Military Power Supplies and the AC to DC Converter

Military power supplies exist in a long line of products. Military transformers and other magnetic components tend to dominate military power supplies product lines, especially the AC to DC converter. The best AC to DC converter will be a central point to military power supplies and designed to accommodate a specific need directly related to industrial, railway applications, telecom or other similar sectors. In addition, an array of bulk converters for precise military applications is core, and AC to DC converters are almost always the most sought.

Military power supplies are designed to be rugged and capable of withstanding harsh conditions not common to civilian life.  The US Navy uses military power supplies to enable a number of tasks from nuclear submarines at depth where pressure and wetness is inevitable. Military power supplies must also withstand the jarring blasts that occur in the field. Often, there is violent shaking from rocket launchers, artillery fire, roaming tanks, jets taking off, and a whole line of other circumstances. In other words, an AC to DC converter that powers traffic lights down the street from your house would not suffice for military applications.

How Military Power Supplies Strengthen US Armed Forces

Military power supplies product designers collaborate closely with the US armed forces to develop and design efficient, reliable, creative solutions that are in budget and that provide effective for power management needs.

In regards to aircraft, military power supplies assist in facilitating the use of navigation, weapons, flight controls, fuel systems, night vision, hydraulics, flight recorders and utility actuators.

Military power supplies also enable missile guidance and radar systems whether from bases or ships. They help empower tactical and surface operations, and when naval vessels are concerned, AC to DC converters help power fire control and communications capabilities, as well as ordinance loading and battlefield computer operations.

Indeed, military power supplies are valuable assets to the US military. They enable our protection, and play huge roles into strengthening our armed forces, and AC to DC converters are the star military power supplies to any line.