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What to Look for in Commercial Snow Plowing Services


Nov 21, 2019

Maintaining a safe and accessible storefront for your customers and employees is critical. When winter months roll around, investing in a good commercial snow plowing company is critical to business growth. But finding one that actually enables growth and gives you the best value is easier said than done. This article is intended to help regional managers and business owners learn how to identify the best commercial snow plowing company.

Commercial Snow Plowing Companies Should Offer Multiple Services

A commercial snow plowing company needs to do more than its namesake suggests; snow and ice management, sidewalk shoveling, stacking snow and exterior property maintenance are all services that any commercial snow plowing company should include. Snow plowing alone won’t remove the slip and fall risks that people face in your parking lot and on your sidewalks. So make sure the snow plowing company offers all of the services you need to keep your property completely ice and snow free all winter long. 

Consistency with Commercial Snow Plowing and Ice Removal

When looking for a commercial snow plowing company, make sure their contract include a regularly scheduled visit for each of your locations. Avoid partnering with a commercial snow plowing provider that promises non-specific appointments under the canopy of a vague arrangement. Not only should there be consistency in when services are performed, but when there is an especially heavy snowfall and weather is at its nastiest, your commercial snow plowing company should be available to come within hours to perform emergency services. 

Broad Portfolio

When looking for a commercial snow plowing company, look for one that has a large portfolio of clients from a variety of industries. An expansive portfolio is a testimony to the skillset the commercial snow plowing company has, Look for one that regularly services banks, hotels, shopping centers, grocery stores, gas stations, retail chains and healthcare facilities. When you have a large variety of businesses entrusting their growth to a single commercial snow plowing company, you can rest assured knowing they are the best. 

Parking Lot Maintenance 

In addition to snow plowing, your service provider should also have the skills to repair parking lots. This means that once snow is plowed and potholes and cracks are revealed, the company should have the means to patch flaws and make the necessary repairs. So, when vetting various snow plowing companies, make sure they know how to repair damage done to asphalt, cement, concrete, and siding.