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Why More Seniors are Buying a Food Truck


Nov 21, 2019

Over the years, food trucks have become extremely popular. Due in part to the numerous TV shows that feature them (The Great Race), as well as the low overhang that comes with them in running a visit, buying a food truck from a reputable food truck company is a popular move for those who want to run their own business. But when it comes to senior citizens, why is the food truck business a popular and rewarding option? This article will go over some of these reasons. 

Buying a Food Truck is a Great Way to Supplement an Income

Most seniors receive a pension or get Social Security, but it doesn’t provide them with enough funds to live out the rest of their lives. Being a Walmart greeter is demeaning work and pays very little, and let’s face it, there aren’t many employment opportunities for older members of society. In order to find a lucrative way to supplement income, seniors need an outlet that if both profitable and that suits their lifestyle, and buying a food truck will lead to a business that does all of these.

Call Your Hours

Seniors have hectic schedule. With doctor appointments, family obligations, sleep schedules and personal hobbies, most seniors have specific times in their day that allow for work. So buying a food truck makes perfect sense because it gives them the freedom to work when it is convenient for them.   

Freedom to Work Anywhere

Another reason why buying a food truck is an ideal way for seniors to supplement their income is that it allows them to work anywhere they want. If they want to get out and see America, they can travel and make a living at the same time. If they want to work near their grandchildren, they can base their business in an area close to family. If they want to relocate to a place with cleaner air and warmer weather, they can move to places like Florida or Palm Springs and work in an environment that’s apropos to their health. Buying a food truck is also ideal for seniors that want to run their business in their hometown and serve up traditional family recipes as a way to enrich their community. 

Buying a Food Truck Helps Seniors Give Back

Volunteering is something many of us love to do. But for seniors volunteering can be more challenging due to travel, being on your feet, and the financial implications. However, buying a food truck is not only a great business opportunity, it also sets business owners up to be in ideal situations to give back. For example, a food truck business can advertise that 10 percent of earnings will go to feeding the homeless once a month. Then food truck owners can reserve a special day every month or year to feed the homeless, or partner with other organizations to provide food to the needy.